Why don't we lose THE WEIGHT?

I see a lot of patients for fatty liver and as I eluded to in my last blog post (https://www.gastrooffice.com/blog/i-was-told-i-had-fatty-liver-so-what), fatty liver could turn to cirrhosis of the liver. Weight loss is the solution to fatty liver caused by excess weight.

In my office, 90% of my patients point out that they cannot exercise and so cannot lose weight. 

Dispelling some myths, I would dare say that DIET is more important than exercise for weight loss.

Need to go back to basics on this issue. When I was an Asst. Professor at University of Cincinnati, several of my patients who were referred for fatty liver lost good amount of weight just by following the instructions below. These may seem simple yet they are powerful (if done!!). 


Do not go more than 3 hours between meals/snacks

Keep eating snack size portions throughout the day (150-200 calories), once every 3 hours. Start this when you first start feeling hungry whatever time it is. Helps with Diabetes too if any. 

Put an alarm on your phone to ring every 3 hours, to remind you to eat your snack portion. It becomes a habit with time.

Skip your regular 3 big meals when doing above. 

When you drive, or at work etc, keep the snacks e.g., a dry nut bar, fruit etc available so you do not go too long in between meals.

The longer you wait between meals, the more you tend to eat when you get your next meal

This way, you can keep your calories under 1500 per day, which leads to weight loss of 1 lb per week, WITHOUT exercise.

If you add a little exercise, the results will be even better.
Do not exercise heavily without getting consent from your doctor.

At the end, adequate sleep (6.5 to 8 hours per night) is necessary to lose weight. Sleep deprivation could cause weight gain. 


If you are motivated to do this, consider the Gastric Balloon for weight loss to multiply your weight loss. It is a NON-INVASIVE/NON-SURGICAL weight loss method. Only suitable for BMI between 30-40!! (not covered by traditional medical insurance plans)

Enquire details at our office 614-385-5900 or check it out on our website: https://www.gastrooffice.com/services/orbera-gastric-balloon

Until next time, happy 'losing'!! 

P.S. Obesity could happen due to other reasons including hypothyroidism, certain medications etc. Above discussion applies to most common form resulting from excess calorie intake. 




Krishna Rayapudi MD Krishna Rayapudi MD, Gastroenterologist. Trained in world-class facilities with world-class mentors. Managed thousands of patients in all practice setups possible, with experience in seven different US states. You learn more about his practice at www.gastrooffice.com.

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