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Capsule Endoscopy

What is capsule endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy testing uses a miniature wireless camera that you swallow to capture images of your digestive tract. 

During this screening, you wear a recording device after swallowing a capsule containing a tiny camera. As the capsule with the camera travels through your body, it sends thousands of images to the recorder.

Unlike traditional endoscopy procedures that use a long tube with a camera passed down your throat or inserted by way of your rectum, this innovative screening technique enables Dr. Rayapudi to capture images from hard-to-reach places, like your small intestine.

Capsule endoscopy is also useful for completing colon cancer screenings if a colonoscopy can’t be performed.

Why might I need a capsule endoscopy test?

Dr. Rayapudi may suggest a capsule endoscopy if he is:

  • Searching for tumors or signs of cancer
  • Looking for signs of inflammation in the small intestine
  • Identifying the source of bleeding in your digestive tract
  • Evaluating the esophagus for abnormalities, such as enlarged veins
  • Looking for polyps that may increase your risk of colon cancer

In some cases, Dr. Rayapudi recommends capsule endoscopy as an additional imaging tool if other tests, like X-rays, are inconclusive.

What can I expect during capsule endoscopy?

Before your capsule endoscopy, Dr. Rayapudi provides detailed instructions that typically include fasting, taking laxatives, and adjusting current medications.

To help your capsule transmit the images of your digestive tract, Dr. Rayapudi might apply antennas to your abdomen. These antennas are in adhesive patches connect to your recording device.

After swallowing the capsule, you should avoid strenuous activity. Approximately two hours after ingesting the capsule, you can begin drinking clear liquids. Dr. Rayapudi might also recommend eating a light meal at about the four-hour mark.

It typically takes the capsule eight hours to pass through your entire digestive tract, though it may appear during a bowel movement sooner or later than that. At that time, you can stop wearing the recorder and antenna patches and return the equipment to Dr. Rayapudi.

After passing it, you flush the capsule with the miniature camera down the toilet; it isn’t returned to Gastro Office.

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