Do We Really Know The Best Way To Poop?

I see patients on a routine basis with constipation in my office. It was mind-boggling for me to see how much loss of time/work days, quality of life etc. constipation causes overall.


For this reason, decided to write about a simple thing you could do at your own home to help make one poop easy.


Look at this picture:


Puborectalis muscle:  Forms a sling originating on the pubic bone and encircling the rectum and forms an anorectal angle that promotes closure of the urogenital hiatus.


Once your feet are up while sitting on the commode, you get a better angle to release the stool. You can make this happen by using a stool like ‘squatty-potty’ or ‘poo poo stool’. You could easily find where they sell them using Google and they are not very expensive. So less pushing or straining. If you cannot buy the stool, bend down a little bit so your belly gets closer to your thighs when you try to expel the stool and it does the same thing as the potty stool - changing that angle as we discussed.


So, Happy Pooping!


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